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Contractor Q&A: Craig Reale

To better help electrical distributors respond to the needs of electrical contractors, the Electrical Distributor, in a monthly Q&A is asking contractors respond to questions concerning their relationships with distributors.

The question for the September Q&A is: What kind of information do you rely on most from your electrical distributors?

Responding is Craig Reale, systems division manager at Glynn Electric in Plymouth, Mass.

Reale: “I am responsible for fire alarm systems installations and am very concerned with design, installation, and repair issues. What I and others in the company look for is rapid responses to design questions and possible solutions, and full support in getting materials to crews in a timely fashion. We specialize in commercial work and while the price for parts and materials is always a driving factor in our field, making sure that we always know what the greatest, latest, and best products on the market is very important to us so that we can incorporate the latest developments into current and future projects to bale to save on labor and materials costs.

“Our distributors make it a point to contact us regularly, mainly by phone or in person, as well as by email and they respond quickly to our questions and requests. They definitely make sure that I am aware of new products because they know that timely information is critical to the operations of contractors—we rely on this greatly.

“Distributors that can anticipate queries and requests are key and much of this is based ongoing discussions where they learn about our concerns and upcoming projects. Our distributors know that they can rely upon us and we upon them for all sorts of issues. When this level of dialogue is achieved, solutions are easily found and the bonds between us are constantly reinforced, which is a win-win for all.”

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