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Contractor’s Corner: Joe Martin, KenMor Electric

By Jim Williams

The latest Contractor’s Corner comes from the Lone Star State. We went in expecting a specific answer, but was pleasantly surprised by the answer Joe Martin, Vice President of KenMor Electric in Houston, Texas gave to this question:

What is the best way to demonstrate a new product to a contractor?
We encourage them to always contact us and come out if they want to do a demonstration of their product or services and we can put our project managers and estimators in front of them and they can do it over lunch period, or specific time morning or afternoon. Something to keep it short, something around an hour, more like 45 minutes. Everyone’s time is valuable, but we also don’t want them to lose their attention. After about an hour and a half you lose them.

What presentation is better – PowerPoint? Video?
I think PowerPoint. In our case we have a nice big conference room in our office with an overhead projector set up so all you have to do is connect your computer and bring it up and do it right there. That way we can bring in the project managers and estimators because they are the ones that are going to see the product and be able to relay it to their customer.

I also like webinars where you can sit at your own desk. You can have ten people sign into a webinar and they can sit at their own desk. They can sign in and not have to be in a conference room. That way you have everything right there. You can use headphones so can listen to what they are saying, but you are not disturbing everyone else.

Any other ways to learn about new products?
I recently went to a tradeshow at an IEC national convention. While there I noticed a product that Square D had that looked to me like it would be advantageous to what we do. I asked them if they already had it out to the local distributors, because I hadn’t seen it. I gave them my card and told them to contact me. They called me a couple days later and came out and did a demonstration for us here at the office. And now, our people have since put that product in use, so that face-to-face contact was beneficial.

Here in Houston it’s a little different. The wholesale supply companies (distributors), they are the stronger horse. They come to us, the manufactures go to them. Other parts, like Dallas, we have an office up there, the manufactures would come straight to us and we would tell them a list of distributors to run it through. They are a little stronger in their setup here in Houston so we deal directly with the distributor. We also deal with the manufacturer time to time.

About KenMor Electric
KenMor Electric is recognized for its service and craftsmanship. Their management team is experienced in all phases of electrical planning, design, construction, and project management for commercial, industrial, government, and institutional markets. KenMor professionals focus on customer service, superior workmanship, and full warranties on every project – key components for the success with their repeat contracts and client referrals.

KenMor professionals also serve within electrical contractor organizations. Our President, John C. Quebe served as the 2007 President on the Independent Electrical Contractors National Board. Joe G. Martin served as the 2004 President of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) Texas State Chapter and 2006 and 2007 President of the (IEC) Gulf Coast Chapter. Both are active within the organizations. KenMor is also a member of ASA and BICSI.

For years, companies such as Hewlett Packard, Greater Harris County 911, Moody Gardens, University of Houston, M.D. Anderson, Rice University, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and Texas A&M have trusted KenMor to plan, design, construct, service, and manage its electrical and technological needs. The more complex the project the more you need KenMor Electric.

Trust KenMor for quality electrical maintenance and technology solutions, including data cabling and traffic control devices.

  • Website: http://www.KenMor.com
  • Industry: Construction
  • Type: Partnership
  • Headquarters: 8330 Hansen Rd. Houston, TX  77075 United States
  • Company Size: 201-500 employees
  • Founded: 1976
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