Corrosion College 1st Quarter Class Dates Now Online

Real hands on training from professionals in the industrial plant/services/construction industry


What is Corrosion College?


CC is an accredited course by Robroy Industries that provides a hands-on experience in understanding the process of corrosion in the electrical industry through two days of intensive instruction conducted by professionals in the field of corrosion protection. The class enhances learning retention through a comprehensive curriculum including case studies, laboratory workshops plus interactive presentations detailing the proper installation and use of anti-corrosion products. It enables graduates to apply the concepts learned in this course to important aspects of their careers.


Corrosion College grants 1.5 CEUs to participants for participation and successful completion. CEUs are available from either Kilgore College or Purdue University.


First quarter 2014 dates have just been released and are now available online:
01/23/2014 – 01/25/2014
02/20/2014 – 02/22/2014
03/20/2014 – 03/22/2014


For more information and to enroll:

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