Crescent Electric Supply hosts 2014 National Sales Conference

EAST DUBUQUE, Ill. – More than 600 employees of Crescent Electric Supply Company attended its 2014 National Sales Conference held over two weeks in St. Charles. Crescent Electric, one of the 10 largest electrical distribution companies in the nation, hosts the annual event for employees to better understand the industry and serve the company’s customers.

Entitled “Sales Revolution: Think Differently,” the conference was split into two different sessions to accommodate the employees spread across 141 locations nationwide. In all, the conference provided more than 13,000 hours of training.

“Not only is there an ongoing revolution in our industry that encompasses rapidly evolving products, technologies, and more players in the field, but there is a constant need to evolve and adapt to these changes,” said Marty Burbridge, president and CEO of Crescent Electric. “In any distribution company people comprise the single largest investment in the organization and are its most valuable assets.”

Each day provided hands-on training and professional development opportunities in negotiating, sales, leadership, merchandising, effective listening, counter sales, customer service, customer relationship management training, and more. And more than 40 suppliers in energy, industrial, and datacomm took part in tradeshows during the 10 days.

For more information about Crescent Electric, visit cesco.com, email communications@cesco.com, or call (815) 747-3145.

Photo caption: Amber Benko, a CRM specialist at Crescent Electric, answers questions during Crescent Electric’s 2014 National Sales Conference.

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