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Day 1 At The NAED National Meeting Examines The Amazon Threat To The Supply Chain

How great would it be if you were a football coach and you knew all of the other team’s plays before the game?

While that is impossible, at least you can get the opportunity to know the strategies behind AmazonSupply.com while you are at the NAED National Meeting in San Francisco from April 26-28.

On Sunday the 27th, NAED is doing something different than other conferences.  Instead of having one keynote speaker, the association has created a speaker series.  Each speaker will talk for 20-30 minutes, and then there will be time for a question and answer session with the crowd.

The Sunday morning sessions starts with NAED Chair of the Board Sandy Rosecrans.  As she finishes her year as Board Chair, she will introduce the new format and deliver her final message to the association.

At 8:30am, author and San Francisco area resident Brad Stone will take the stage.  Stone was recently granted access inside the Amazon headquarters, and was able to talk about how the company works, and it’s strategies, in his new book, “The Everything Store, Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon”.    Stone wrote about the unique world inside the Amazon headquarters, from how employees are treated to strategy sessions to operating plans to futuristic planning. Stone is the only author ever allowed inside the Amazon headquarters, and his book gave a behind the scenes operation. 

“The Everything Store” refers to Bezos’ strategy to one day have everyone shop for everything online at Amazon.  AmazonSupply is currently selling many products online in a B2B atmosphere, which creates a threat to our traditional supply chain. Having Stone at our NAED National Meeting will allow distributors and manufacturers to hear about the strategic game-planning and make decisions about how to compete against it.

At 9:15am on Sunday morning, Charles Bennett, the president of Business Data Links, Inc. will take the stage.  Bennett will look at ways you can leverage the strength of AmazonSupply, and making IT a profit center for your business.  Bennett will talk about understanding how your buyers want to buy, and how his strategies will lead to positive results in a world that is swinging quickly toward e-commerce.

And after a short break, Lou Pierce of Big Idea Company, LLC will take the stage. Pierce is an award-winning journalist who changed careers to open one of the strongest PR and marketing companies in the country.  Pierce will talk about the importance of building your brand, and why it is so important to tell the story about who you are instead of just selling products.  Pierce is working with a number of companies in a variety of areas to build a stronger identity and a stronger brand for each one.

And then here is the interesting part.  After Stone speaks for a short period of time, the audience will then be allowed to ask questions. The question and answer session is scheduled to last 15 to 20 minutes, where the speakers are prepared to answer whatever questions you may have about the threat from AmazonSupply, improving your e-commerce, or creating and living your brand.

So, you can walk out of the first session at the NAED National Meeting and have the AmazonSupply playbook.  And all of that happens  before lunch on the first day.


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