Department of Energy Introduces a New Tool for Lighting Designers and Specifiers

The U.S. Department of Energy’s LED Lighting Facts® program has released a new tool for lighting designers and specifiers. The LED Lighting Facts Specification Tool provides a customized platform to search and filter products from the extensive LED Lighting Facts database ­ which now includes more than 54,000 LED lighting products from over 1,400 manufacturers ­ and manage lighting projects.

The tool offers a customized workspace that saves project details with associated products and is accessible to colleagues in same firm. It also allows users to:

  • Filter the LED Lighting Facts database for the desired information and save selected products to a project or “favorites” list, with the option of saving those same filter specs
  • Create “tags” that associate products to projects in the works
  • Communicate directly with manufacturers to ask them questions about their products
  • Assign products to a project fixture schedule
  • Add time-stamped product or project notes that are accessible by colleagues
  • Generate spec sheets, fixture schedules, project summaries, and product filter downloads

The LED Lighting Facts Specification Tool resulted from a roundtable DOE convened in Chicago in December 2015 with a group of lighting designers and specifiers. The tool is fast, easy to use, free of charge, and available to all Lighting Pro Partners. For more information, contact And for those attending the DOE SSL Technology Development Workshop in Denver next week, you can check out the new tool in person at the evening networking reception.


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