Dirk Beveridge to Host “Learning From Amazon” Webinar Series

Dirk Beveridge, Founder of the UnleashWD series, has teamed up with Colin Puckett, Head of Seller Marketing for Amazon Business, to create a 3-part webinar series called “Learning From Amazon.” The webinars are on consecutive Fridays, beginning August 10 at 1pm Central time.

Beveridge points out there are a number of business strategies and lessons that Amazon uses that are transferable to distributors. The three part series looks at Amazon’s digital strategy, long-term thinking, and customer obsession that contributed to the growth of Amazon over the past few years.  The webinars are aimed at transferring those lessons into your business.

“There is so much talk about Amazon Business being friend or foe,” Beveridge told tED magazine. “And I think that is a conversation that needs to be had.  Another perspective is, what can we learn from this orgnaization that is on all of our radars.  In lifting and Shifting™, your are taking the best that others have done and lifting them into your business.  Amazon is doing a lot of things right.  Specifically their understanding of digital business, their focus on the long term, and their obsession on the customer.  Now is the time to understand these principles, how Amazon moves them beyond platitudes to strategic action, and what we can then take to our businesses.”

The webinars are 30 minutes long, and will provide opportunities for distributors to understand the changes necessary for success in the future. “Each webinar takes a core principle of Amazon Businesse’s success and deeps dives into it,” Beveridge added. “The synergy is in how these three principles overlap.   With each webinar we will look at the tenants of Amazon’s success, how the strategy (digital transformation, long term view, and customer obsession) is implemented day in and day out, we will pull specific lessons for distributors, and provide actionable first steps for all attendees.”

Webinar viewers will get a close look at the strategy since Puckett will be a part of each webinar. “Colin understands the organizational behavior, change initiatives, and challenges inherent in digital transformation how how to develop and implement strategies to win in this age of digital transformation,” Beveridge said.

While distributors are aware there is not a significant percentage of electrical sales on Amazon Business right now, there is still a need for a change. “The change we feel – as fast as it is coming – is the slowest it will ever be for the rest of our careers,” Beveridge reminded us. “Distributors are faced not only with the speed of change but the confluence of change. Customers are changing how they buy, technology is changing how companies market, generations want  to interact differently. Those that win will have built a culture where they are often pleased but never satisfied and know that the need to evolve, change, transform and innovate is never ending.”

You can click here to register for all three 30-minute webinars.

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