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DistributED: Data Insights Conference With TJ O’Connor

NAED is hosting its first-ever Data Insights Conference, which is coming up on October 25-27 at the Westin Dallas Ft. Worth Airport Hotel. Registration is currently open, and NAED recommends anyone at your organization that handles data and data analytics attend.

Topics include:

Taking Intelligent Action For Boosting Margins – The industry has wrestled with pricing for decades, but few have been able to tame it. It pays to have a firm – yet agile – grasp on your pricing strategy. 

Branch Performance And Expansion – Insight into the situations and metrics that can be put into practice for your company, with special attention on branch performance and strategies.

Aligning Your Inventory – A quantitative assessment of inventory and supply chain performance you can use for making critical decisions such as replenishment strategies, managing lead time variability, and optimizing supplier base. This session will focus on both analytics creation and consumption strategies through real-world examples.

You can learn more about the conference and register yourself and co-workers to attend at www.naed.org/data-insights-conference

TJ O’Connor, President of Farmington Consulting Group, will provide a session on analyzing the data from your customer feedback surveys. On the “DistributED with tED magazine” podcast, O’Connor talks about the right and wrong ways to go about searching for, receiving, and analyzing the information you receive directly from your customers.


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