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DistributED: NAED’s Marketing Summit 2024

The National Association of Electrical Distributors is announcing the new NAED Marketing Summit 2024, which will replace what used to be the Adventure Conference.

The NAED Marketing Summit 2024 is more than just a name change and different look. The Summit will evolve into a new way for manufacturer, distributor, service provider, and manufacturer’s rep marketing departments to engage in best practices and cross-functional strategic processes.

Two NAED Marketing Summit 2024 committee members, Joanne Moss of Standard Electric and Becky Starkey of United Electric Supply, joined the DistributED with tED magazine podcast to discuss how and why this year’s event will be different than any other industry marketing conference.

Registration for the NAED Marketing Summit 2024 will open this spring. The event will be held August 6-8 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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