Eaton Backed Up the Power at the 2016 Super Bowl

Eaton Backed Up the Power at the 2016 Super Bowl

RALEIGH, N.C. — Power management company Eaton announced its collaboration with Filmwerks International, Inc. to provide reliable backup power for live major-network broadcasts, including the broadcast of the “Big Game” in California on Feb. 7.

“Filmwerks has powered almost every major sporting event on television, and our experience and dedication to customer service has earned us high trust with broadcast partners,” said Michael Satrazemis, president and founder, Filmwerks. “Our collaboration with Eaton provides us with reliable, continuous power through UPS technology that delivers scalable battery runtimes and ensures broadcasts are not interrupted due to power, for the millions glued to their televisions at home.”

Eaton will continue to backup key elements of live broadcasts for Filmwerks so sports fans have flawless viewing experiences.

“Our power management products and software are designed to maintain business continuity for our customers, and Filmwerks’ application of our UPS technology is a prime example of the importance of reliable backup power,” said Del Misenheimer, senior vice president and general manager, Power Quality Division, Eaton. “In fact, 111 million viewers may not realize that Filmwerks and Eaton were working behind the scenes to ensure the live broadcast of this year’s professional football championship was delivered without interruption.”

A variety of Eaton’s products are used within professional sporting arenas and entertainment venues. Sun Life Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami and the Orange Bowl, recently revealed plans to implement Eaton’s advanced Ephesus light-emitting diode (LED) system, designed to enhance the viewing experiences for stadium spectators and television audiences, while reducing energy use by as much as 75 percent.


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