Electri-Flex Celebrates 65 Years

Electri-Flex Celebrates 65 Years

ROSELLE, Ill. — Electri-Flex Company celebrates 65 years as a leader, manufacturing high-quality flexible Liquatite® conduit. Founded in the Chicagoland suburbs in 1955, Harold Kinander, Sr. led Electri-Flex in producing the first type of Liquatite® conduit. Today the Company manufactures nearly 50 varieties, offering one of the widest ranges of conduit available in the marketplace.

Electri-Flex is third-generation owned and operated. In 1955, Harold Kinander, Sr. incorporated the Company and founded the Liquatite® brand. Today Harold’s grandchildren, Jason W. Kinander, CEO, Blue Kinander Kelly, VP, and JR Kinander, VP, successfully lead the organization. Janice Ruthe, COO, has been a tremendous addition to the executive team, focusing on many departmental changes, efficiencies, growth, and leadership for the Company. And Roy Hunn, VP of Operations, carries over 40 years at Electri-Flex and provides wisdom and a vision for the future of the Company through his leadership and manufacturing improvements.

What started in a Chicagoland chicken hatchery in 1955, Liquatite® is now manufactured and distributed from three buildings, all within a one-mile radius. This expansion is a symbol of the company’s history, success, and future. Roy Hunn leads the investigation and implementation of new technologies in manufacturing, including metal fabrication and the extruding process. “This means a lot to Electri-Flex and its ability to remain a top provider of electrical conduit. It allows us to build on our reputation of worldwide quality, service, and product innovation,” said Jason Kinander, CEO.


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