ELECTRI International Moves to Virtual July Meeting

ELECTRI International Moves to Virtual July Meeting

The ELECTRI International July Council Meeting will be a virtual event this year, held July 17-24, 2020. Details on the meeting are below and can be further accessed here. Each day, ELECTRI will send the registrant a morning email with details of that day’s activities and the links needed to get to online content. Some agenda items will be “on-demand” to view and review at the registrant’s convenience. Live presentations are noted below.


Friday, July 17

  • Welcome Video Introduction — Sonja Rheaume, Chair, ELECTRI Council


Monday, July 20

LIVE PRESENTATION — 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)   Click this link to register.

  • Webinar on Navigating Pandemic-related Business Challenges. Moderated by Daniel Burrus. Featuring Kathy Mazzarella (Graybar), Steve Richman (Milwaukee Tool), David Long, NECA CEO, and Larry Beltramo, Chairman, ELECTRI Board of Trustees and President of NECA

ONLINE PRESENTATIONS from Early Career Award Applicants are available at 12:00 PM EDT.

  1. Allocating and Leveraging BIM Efforts for Electrical Contractors, Hala Nassereddine, University of Kentucky
  2. Examining a Latent Side-Effect of Electrical Safety Interventions among T&D Line Workers, Sogand Hasanzadeh, Purdue University
  3. Measuring Work-related Stressors Impacting Electrical Workers’ Mental Health, Chuma Nnaji, University of Alabama
  4. Renewable Energy Technology Training for Construction Management Students and Electrical Contractors using Immersive Interactive, Mohamad Razkenari,
  5. Wearable Sensing Devices for Preventing Electrical Accidents in the Construction Industry, Ibukun Awolusi, University of Texas at San Antonio

Watch each three-minute presentation and view the written proposals. If you have any questions, please use the survey to post your message to the researcher(s). They will respond during the live virtual meeting on Wednesday. The EAC link will be sent to you via e-mail Monday morning.


Tuesday, July 21

Everything for Tuesday will be on-demand. Links will be sent Tuesday morning.

  • Video presentations prepared by NECA Student Chapters for the 2020 Green Energy Challenge. Watch these three-minute videos and vote for your favorites. The top three videos will be presented at NECA’s Convention during the GEC.
  • Video presentations from our 2019 Early Career Award recipients on their completed research.


Wednesday, July 22


  • Jonathan Marsh with MEP Innovation Lab on The Emerging Technologies for Specialty Contractors. Learn which technologies are having an impact on your businesses now and in the near future. Click this link to register.

LIVE ECA MEETING via ZOOM – 4:00 – 5:00 PM EDT

  • Early Career Awards virtual meeting. Take this opportunity to ask questions of the ECA researchers. Registration link will be sent to you Wednesday morning.


  • Presentation videos from current researchers to update the Council on their research projects. Links will be provided Wednesday morning.
    • Electrical Contractors: Driving Through Business Roadblocks, Michael McLin, Maxim Consulting
    • Electrical Construction Management Training Phase 2, Ben Bigelow, Anthony Perrenoud and Matthew Reyes, University of Oklahoma
    • Estimating with and Pricing of Prefabrication for Electrical Contractors, Meik Daneshgari, MCA, Inc.
    • The Future of Line Contracting, Michael McLin, Maxim Consulting
    • Industrialization of Construction: Signal or Noise? Threat or Promise?, Heather Moore, MCA, Inc
    • Robots in Construction – Current Use in Electrical Line Work and Inside Construction, and Outlook for the Future, Lonny Simonian, California Polytechnic State University
    • VR Electricians: Using Immersive Storytelling for Attracting Students to the Electrical Trades, Masoud Gheisari, University of Florida
    • Pandemics and Construction Productivity: Quantifying the Impact, Michael McLin, Dan Doyon and Brian Lightner, Maxim Consulting and Mark Federle, Marquette University


Thursday, July 23


  • Catch up on all the presentations that were available throughout the week.

LIVE MEETING with 2020 RESEARCHERS via ZOOM — 4:00 – 5:00 PM EDT

  • Take this opportunity to ask questions of the ongoing 2020 researchers.



Friday, July 24

LIVE PRESENTATION via ZOOM — 1:00-2:00 PM EDT – Click this link to register.

  • The Future of Electrical Contracting, Lonnie Compton, NECA Director of Construction Manufacturing
  • ELECTRI Updates, Josh Bone, Interim Executive Director, ELECTRI International
  • Voting results and closing remarks, Sonja Rheaume, ELECTRI Council Chair


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