Electrical Black Book Released

Indianapolis, IN, June 18, 2013: Electricity, and man’s fascination with it, forms the backbone of our modern industrial society. That fascination started when our ancestors first witnessed lightning and rubbing amber rods, and carries right up to today where pollution-free electric powered cars are with us.

The motivation that led to the compilation of the Electrical Black Book was the need, as the author saw it, to amalgamate the plethora of information on electricity such as formulae, tables, calculations, circuits, components etc. and present the information in a very simple, basic, convenient and user-friendly pocket-book format.

While the Electrical Black Book contains a wealth of information on Electrical Safety, Electrical laws and formulae, Calculations and conversions, National Electrical Code Tables, Lighting, Circuits, Enclosures, Receptacles, Cables, Conduit, LED and Fiber-Optics, Switches and Contacts, Data and Telephone Cabling, Transformers and Motors etc. – it is by no means a substitute for the National Electrical Code®.

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