Electrical Distributors to Merge With Granite Electrical Supply

Electrical Distributors Co. of San Jose, California has agreed to merge with Sacramento-based Granite Electrical Supply, Inc. to form a new company known as Edges Electrical Group.

Marketing manager┬áJohn Russ told the Sacramento Business Journal that the new company has nearly twice as big a reach, which should position it well against larger companies in the same type of industry. “I think what’s going to happen is it will give a transparent look for our customer base,” Russ said. “Really, it’s about the ability to compete at a larger level.”

The combined company has 11 locations across Northern California and about 210 employees. According to Russ, the merger also makes Edges the single largest independent electrical distributor and ranks it 65th for the 250 biggest companies in the field nationally.

Following the transaction, Granite Electrical Supply will retain its name as an affiliate of Edges Electrical Group.

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