Emerson Donates to University of Texas

McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering staff at UT Austin share with Emerson leaders Jim Nyquist, group president Systems and Solutions and Jamie Froedge, president Process Systems and Solutions, how upgrading to DeltaV™ distributed control system workstations will improve the preparations and training for students.

ST. LOUIS — Emerson is sponsoring upgrades to a distillation column and computer labs in the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin. The upgrades, valued at $217,000, are being rolled out in two phases, including an in-kind gift of equipment and hardware to modernize a distillation column experiment station, and funds to update the undergraduate computer labs.

The equipment Emerson supplied is the same that is used in control centers of an actual plant, exposing students to real-world challenges they might face.

Emerson supplied automation hardware and software to upgrade the distillation column experiment station for the McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering at UT Austin.

“We are so grateful to Emerson for this gift,” says Dr. Thomas Truskett, department chair. “The instrumentation is the same that is used in control centers of an actual plant, so the learning experiences students will get in our department will be directly applicable to working in a control room setting. These upgrades will allow students to get an up-close view of how this equipment is configured and used and give them exposure to real-world challenges they might face.”

Emerson’s Round Rock location is the global innovation headquarters for their Systems and Solutions business. As a follow up to the hands-on learning modules with DeltaV, students will also have the opportunity to visit the nearby facilities and see how the instrumentation is used to deepen their understanding of control processes.

“For decades, we’ve maintained a strong relationship with the University of Texas through donations like this, along with education, research and development initiatives,” said Jamie Froedge, president of Process Systems and Solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Emerson remains committed to supporting the communities where we operate and fostering learning and educational programs for current and future engineers.”

The new, flexible systems will also allow for easier upgrades and modifications, enabling the department to add and expand capabilities in the future.

View a recap and photo gallery of the full event and a lunch and learn with Emerson leadership and UT students.

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