Everlast Lighting Appoints Alex Orr to Vice President of Sales

Everlast Lighting recently announced that Alex Orr was appointed to Vice President of Sales of the company’s commercial sales department.  In his new role, Orr will continue to oversee the sales department along with representative and distribution channels.  Orr will be implementing various growth strategies and ensuring that EverLast® remains the premier choice in induction lighting.

Orr came aboard the company in 2009 beginning his career at 22 years old in the commercial sales division.  In the 2010, he immediately transitioned to regional management working cooperatively with representative firms and distributors alike; covering the entire East coast territory of the United States which he led to record sales for the past three years.

In mid-2013, Orr departed from EverLast® and began working at ABM Building Solutions in Detroit.  In January of this year Orr returned to EverLast® and was appointed to the new position.

In addition to his job duties at EverLast® Lighting, Orr also facilitates and coordinates the National Sales Representative Training for EverLast®, and the CLTC Lighting Symposium hosted at EverLast® headquarters.  Orr also serves on the EverLast® Safety Committee implementing and ensuring OSHA codes and regulations.  Furthermore, Orr is a State of Michigan Notary Public often acting as the onsite Notary for the company.

He graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree from Defiance College in Business and a minor in Economics.  Orr also was recognized as “Small Business Student of the Year” at Defiance in 2009, and honored as tED Magazine’s 2013 class of 30 Under 35.

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