Eye Lighting Featured in US Department of Energy News

Mentor, Ohio — EYE Lighting International, a leading manufacturer of lamps, luminaires, controls, and related lighting products, was recently recognized by the US Department of Energy in its “SSL in America” newsletter, which describes advances in energy-efficient solid-state lighting and focuses on SSL companies manufacturing in the US.

Solid-state lighting is leading the worldwide trend towards greater energy efficiency. Today, SSL manufacturing brings significant energy savings through more efficient lighting products as well as enhances the US economy by adding jobs at multiple levels of the supply chain.

EYE Lighting is among a number of companies that are working to create and strengthen the steadily growing SSL manufacturing base in the US. EYE Lighting has been manufacturing High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps for 22 years, and introduced its first LED product in 2011.

“We have been very successful in developing LED luminaires over the past few years. Part of that success is from listening to customer needs and having our supply chain close to home. With our engineering and R&D departments down the hall from one another as well as the manufacturing floor, we are able to manage quality and meet changing customer demand very quickly,” said Tom Salpietra, president and COO for EYE Lighting.

“In addition, many customers are no longer willing to wait months to receive an order. When products are manufactured in the US, it generates faster lead time which many be one of the reasons for the recent industrial trend of ‘on shoring’ in which companies are moving manufacturing back to North America. Our parent company, Iwasaki Electric has been very supportive of our choice to stay here,” Salpeitra added.

EYE Lighting has about 170 employees, about thirty of whom, including engineers, technicians, laboratory people and assembly personnel, work solely with SSL.

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