EYE Lighting International Awards Two Scholarships

EYE Lighting International, a manufacturer of
lamps, controls, and related lighting products, has awarded a
scholarship to two Lakeland Community College students through the Lakeland
Foundation. The EYE Lighting International scholarship helps support tuition,
books and learning fees for the students who are earning their business and
technical engineering degrees.
Tom Salpietra, president and COO says, “We are proud to support these students
with the resources to help them achieve a rewarding career in manufacturing and
engineering. It is critical to the future of our industry that we educate
students about the benefits of earning a degree in business and engineering.
The scholarship at Lakeland is one of our strategies for building and
sustaining a future workforce of qualified candidates.”
Students must meet and maintain academic requirements to be eligible to apply
for and receive the EYE Lighting Scholarship. Eligibility criteria includes
being a full-time or part-time Lakeland Community College student enrolled in
business or engineering/technology programs and maintaining a cumulative GPA of
2.5 after the first semester.
The EYE Lighting Scholarship at the Lakeland Foundation is an ongoing
scholarship program open to donations. For information on how to contribute to
the scholarship fund, contact the Foundation Office at 440-525-7094 or


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