F.D. Lawrence Named Semi-Finalist for Private Business Award

CINCINNATI, Ohio — The F.D. Lawrence Electric Company has been named as a Semi-Finalist for the 2017 Private Business Awards to be presented by the Goering Center for Family & Private Business, at the University of Cincinnati, a leading educational and informational resource center for family and privately held businesses.

To honor the enormous positive contributions made by family and privately owned companies, the University of Cincinnati and the Goering Center for Family & Private Business each year presents the annual Tri-State Family and Private Business of the Year Awards. Applicants are judged by an independent panel on best practices of family and private businesses as defined by the Goering Center. Each year more than 500 businesses are nominated for these awards and, from those nominees, 75 semi-finalists are selected. 

In an August 25, 2017 article in the Cincinnati Business Courier, the judges at the Goering Center focused this year on Cincinnati region success stories. “It was our job as judges to pick the company in each of the six categories that was best able to articulate their biggest breakthrough or accomplishment and best enlighten us as to how they fit into the fabric of a successful business community.”

Scott Lepsky, Marketing Manager at F.D. Lawrence, told tED magazine: “As for specific breakthroughs, we focused on our 113-year-old company's recent leadership changes as well as our incorporation of technology and analytics into our daily operations and our sales efforts.”

“Regarding the question of how F.D. Lawrence Electric fits into the fabric of a successful business community,” continued Lepsky, “that was my favorite part of the application and interview! We have some of the best job and project / gear and lighting team members in the region. Their experience and professionalism can be seen in major projects throughout the tri-state (Queen City tower, Jack Casino, Smale and Washington parks, University of Cincinnati, and Miami University, just to name a few). It's exciting to know that F.D. Lawrence Electric participated in these community-defining projects. It's also humbling to know that everyone here played some part in bringing these projects to life—in making our community the growing, thriving place that it is.”

Dennis O’Leary, CEO of The F.D. Lawrence Electric Company, notes that the recognition is high praise coming from such a well-respected organization. “The Goering Center is known across the country for their work with family owned and private businesses. To be named as a semi-finalist speaks highly of the hard work and integrity displayed each and every day by the people who make F.D. Lawrence Electric such an outstanding organization.”

An independent electrical wholesaler, the F.D. Lawrence Electric Company operates locations in Dayton, Ohio and Burlington, Kentucky along with the headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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