Forest Lighting Is Newest National Lighting Bureau Sponsor

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV—Forest Lighting is the newest sponsor of the National Lighting Bureau. An independent, not-for-profit foundation established in 1976, the Bureau exists to educate commercial, industrial, residential, and other lighting-system owners, managers, and users about the bottom-line benefits of high-quality illumination; what the Bureau refers to as High-Benefit Lighting®.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Forest Lighting manufactures and markets a variety of LED products, including T8 and T5 linear lamps. Backed by the resources of MLS Lighting, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of LEDs, Forest gives constructors, facility managers, designers, distributors, and other lighting professionals the opportunity to specify and select LEDs that combine affordability and high performance. According to Forest President and Chief Operating Officer Jian Ni, “Forest products meet rigorous performance standards and certifications, including UL and DLC for utility rebates.”

He noted that, with warehouses in Atlanta and Houston, Forest Lighting has immediately available inventory to serve any type of lighting project. “Quick-ship orders can be shipped the same day,” he said.

Mr. Ni noted that “the National Lighting Bureau is internationally recognized as a principal voice of the United States’ lighting community. It has earned the support of every company involved in that community. We are pleased to be part of that community and, as such, we have become part of the National Lighting Bureau. We look forward to participating in the organization’s activities and volunteering on its behalf.”

“It’s extremely flattering to have the support of our sponsors,” said NLB Executive Director John Bachner. “While their financial support is important, the time volunteered by their representatives is even more important. The entire lighting community is indebted to the organizations that sponsor the Bureau and whose representatives help the NLB continue its outreach to the public in general and those who own and manage lighting systems in particular. We’re proud to have Forest Lighting as a sponsor.”

The Bureau’s sponsors include professional societies, trade associations, labor unions, manufacturers, and agencies of the U.S. government, now including:

Obtain more information about the Bureau by visiting or contacting its staff at or 304-870-4249.


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