Galvan Introduces Video Test Modules To Certify Ground Rod Knowledge

Harrisburg, N.C. — Galvan Electrical Products has developed online test modules for two of the company’s “Safe Grounding Videos” to provide more education on key issues which influence good grounding practices.

Galvan’s six “Safe Grounding Videos” have been viewed more than 38,000 times. Each short video contains several important points related to code compliance, ground rod specifications, factors affecting ground rod life or ground rod installation and inspection.

Test and certification modules are now available on the web site for two of the videos: Go for Listed Ground Rods (Ground Rod Inspection Basics) and The Facts of Life (Factors in Ground Rod Selection).

In the test modules, viewers are given the opportunity to watch the videos again and to take a short test on the information provided. Those passing the test will earn a certificate. Explanations are provided to help drive home each correct answer.

Additional test modules are now in development.

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