Graybar Introduces Portable Wire and Cable Payout System

Graybar Introduces Portable Wire and Cable Payout System

ST. LOUIS — Graybar announced the nationwide rollout of Graybar SmartReel, a one-of-a-kind portable wire and cable payout system that allows one person to move reels up to 5,000 lbs.

Graybar SmartReel makes wire pulls easier than ever, saving contractors and end users time and money. This innovative portable payout system is simple to set up and works with any manufacturer’s cable using single or multi-compartment reels. Furthermore, Graybar SmartReel’s removable reel makes cable change-outs a snap – no pallet jack or separate neutral reel required.

“Graybar’s warehouse and services teams created SmartReel to solve the longtime challenges customers have faced in managing and pulling wire and cable on the jobsite,” said Todd Reed, Graybar National Market Manager. SmartReel is available only from Graybar, and it’s designed to help contractors work faster and more efficiently.

“What I like most about Graybar SmartReel is the ease of setup,” said Steve Lindquist, Job Foreman, MEI. “Setup time is reduced by about 45 minutes and can be accomplished by one electrician. Additionally, SmartReel can easily be moved during the pull when changes are needed. I would absolutely use Graybar SmartReel again.”


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