Graybar Promotes Daniel De Longe, Raymond McKinley

Graybar Promotes Daniel De Longe, Raymond McKinley

Graybar’s Daniel De Longe recently assumed the responsibility of the Oklahoma City branch, moving from the company’s Wichita branch. Raymond McKinley will be taking over the position of Wichita branch manager, being promoted from outside sales.

De Longe was featured in April as one of tED magazine’s “30 Under 35.” Speaking about his experience in Wichita, “As a branch manager I have a lot of autonomy,” he explained. “As an employee, I am grateful to be a part of a team that values integrity, employee ownership, the long-term view and a sharp customer focus.”

De Longe and his Wichita team have been able to increase 2015 sales by 25% over the previous year. They did this by shifting “the mindset from pushing as many boxes out the door to strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers to offer full-fledged solutions,” he said.

Taking the reigns from De Longe, Raymond McKinley has been promoted from an outside sales rep of electrical contractors to the Wichita Branch Manager—Electrical, Comm/Data & Industrial Sales. Before he joined Graybar more than seven years ago, he was a project manager for ICM and Total Electric.

McKinley has a background in electrical construction management as well as electrical sales and distribution management. He and his wife, Abby, plan to expand their family this summer with the adoption of a baby boy.


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