Graybar’s Kathy Mazzarella Featured in Podcast Series with Dirk Beveridge

CHICAGO—A five-part interview with Kathy Mazzarella, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Graybar, will be featured in the Innovate for the Future podcast series.  In these interviews, Mazzarella discusses the company’s vision, culture, value proposition, business model and transformative leadership with the show’s host, Dirk Beveridge.

“It was an honor to interview Kathy for these episodes.  In addition to her wisdom and insights, she has a passion for driving innovation at Graybar and within the industry,” Beveridge said.  “In our first episode, Kathy shares what disruptive trends are on the horizon and how leaders must embrace disruption to remain relevant going forward.”

This entire series and all episodes of Innovate for the Future will be available on the iOS Podcast app, in iTunes (search “Innovate for the Future“) and on Beveridge’s website www.dirkbeveridge.com/podcast.  Episode one in the series is now available.  From the website, listeners will be able to download the episode transcript and access links of all the resources discussed in the episode.

The series will broadcast as follows:


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