Graybar’s Mazzarella Named to Top CEO List

Owler, the leading community-based business insights platform, announced the launch of its inaugural Top-Rated CEO Rankings, which provides a true market view of CEO ratings based on over a quarter million inputs from members of the Owler Community. The ratings break down the most-liked CEOs across the country by industry and city, as well as compares CEOs at public and private organizations.

According to the report, Craig Jelinek, CEO of Costco, is the highest-rated public company CEO, with a rating of 94.9. Marriott’s Arne Sorenson is close behind with a rating of 93.9 and Capital One’s Richard D. Fairbank rounded out the top three public company CEOs. Kathy Mazzarella of Graybar is listed as 7th.

Owler’s 2017 Top-Rated CEO Rankings report includes all CEOs with 10 or more ratings spanning across 50 cities and 25 industries. Employees, followers, competitors, and other general users of Owler were asked to rate CEOs. Owler analyzed approval ratings of the top 5,000 most-rated chief executives including their top-rated CEO rankings.

“Owler’s first annual list of top-rated CEOs is the only official ranking that provides a true market view of America’s best-loved leaders,” said Jim Fowler, Founder & CEO, Owler. “These executives received high approval ratings from employees, suppliers, partners, and even competitors, to beat out 99.4 percent of other CEOs featured on our platform. They truly are the best of the best in the global marketplace.”

People living in Nashville have the best chance of working for a beloved CEO, according to Owler. Of the 30 cities with the most businesses listed on Owler, Nashville has the highest average CEO rating with a score of 82.4. And contrary to popular belief, good and bad CEOs are not evenly distributed across industries. Owler found that Marketing and Creative, Travel and Hospitality, and Automotive industries have higher rated CEOs than any other industries. Unsurprisingly, the airline industry has the lowest ranking CEOs.

The 2017 Owler National Likeability Study results are based on a proprietary favorability algorithm developed by Owler to determine how well liked CEOs are — relative to their peers and across a broader superset of CEOs included in the study.

With more than one million active users, Owler is the world’s largest community-based business insights platform — with a global company database spanning 15 million entities and a CEO database that includes over 167,000 executives around the world. The favorability algorithm evaluates the weighting of a CEO’s review based on the specifics of the person who rated the CEO. Inputs from employees, followers, competitors and other stakeholders are weighted differently in the model, and the algorithm ensures that multiple inputs cannot be submitted by the same individual.

To ensure the integrity of Owler’s statistical model, the 2017 Owler National Likeability Study focuses exclusively on CEOs leading notable companies located in cities with over 5,000 companies, regardless of size, and the sample set has been further reduced to include only companies that are actively updated and followed by the Owler Community.

The resulting dataset is then partitioned for specific areas of focus for the study, such as looking at public company CEO favorability versus private company favorability. For industries and cities highlighted in the research, additional filters are used to provide a representative sampling of notable companies. Many organizations, including many small privately held companies, that do not meet criteria for the 2017 Owler National Likeability Study’s criteria may still be eligible for an Owler Top-Rated CEO Award, which assesses CEO likeability on a larger, unfiltered company dataset. Additional information on the 2017 Owler National Likeability Study with respect to specific industries and cities is available on request.

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