Griffith Electric Supply Company promotes on-site trailer service

In this month’s Watts New e-mail newsletter from Griffith Electric Supply Company in Trenton, N.J. the company is promoting its on-site inventory program.

In the newsletter, Ron Lim, vice president of sales, says, “We are featuring information on our on-site trailer program. This program provides free of charge a 20 foot trailer stocked with material of your choosing so that you have an on-site inventory at no cost until you use the product.”

With the on-site inventory program, Griffith Electric representatives will take an inventory of the materials in the trailer once a week and will replenish the stock within one business day.

The program also includes one relocation on the job site at no charge. Additional relocations can be made for a fixed price.

When the job is done, Griffith Electric picks up the trailer.

Read more about the on-site inventory program on the company’s website.

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