House Passes the REINS Act

House Passes the REINS Act

Indiana Congressman Todd Young | photo by Greg Nash

Tuesday, the House voted 243-165 to pass the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act. The legislation would require that Congress approve all federal agency regulations with at least $100 million in annual economic impact.

By requiring a vote in Congress, this Act will result in an improved regulatory process and a legislative branch that is truly accountable to the people of the United States for the conditions imposed upon them. Indeed, the recent move by the U.S. Department of Labor to radically change the overtime rules would be subjected to an up or down vote in Congress.

“We’re pleased to see the House vote overwhelmingly to pass the REINS Act,” said Ed Orlet, NAED’s vice president of government affairs. “We also hope the Senate will take up the issue quickly. As we digest the Labor Department’s suggested overhaul of overtime regulations, we’re reminded that Congressional oversight of aggressive regulators is invaluable.”

Orlet added, “We would like to thank Congressman Todd Young and Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte for leading the fight against job-killing regulations.”

The legislation—which President Obama has already threatened to veto if it makes it to his desk—now goes to the Senate.


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