How Concerned Should You Be About A Cyber Attack?

How Concerned Should You Be About A Cyber Attack?

Read the full story in tED magazine’s January 2016 issue, on page 44.

While you may not think you are the desired target of a cyber attack, a new study shows you should still be prepared, because the cost of a breach could be a lot more than you would think.  In general, the experts told tED magazine if you are the victim of a cyber attack, you can expect to pay for outside IT expertise, lawyers, risk management consultants and PR services, not to mention the expense of having your brand reputation damaged and website downtime.

In the January 2016 issue of tED magazine, we talked with the experts to get the five questions you should be asking to make sure you are prepared in your cyber security plan.  And, our expert also recommends you offload certain online procedures, like credit card processing, to the experts.  He says while getting paid is certainly a priority, most companies are not in the credit card business, so it is worthwhile to use a reputable company to help in that area.

The full story is published on page 44 of the January issue of tED magazine.  It also includes what your employees should have access to in your system.  While there is always some concern about someone inside your company stealing from you, the story points out another significant threat.  Sometimes employees will unknowingly open an email or web page with malware attached to it. That will allow hackers into your system, leaving you vulnerable to a serious threat. The story in tED magazine recommends reducing the access of some employees, and explains how that is done.


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