How contractors think: EDI gets feedback on Southwire SIMpull Barrels

Electrical Distribution Inc. (EDI) of North Carolina (now a part of Shealy) recently interviewed a field supervisor for an electrical contractor. The goal of the interview was to get feedback on Southwire’s SIMpull barrels, a new product that seems to be relatively hot.

The interview features Kevin Berkebile of Starr Electric—an electrical contracting company serving customers in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

When asked why he decided to use the Southwire SIMpull barrels on his project, Berkebile told EDI, “If you’re looking at 5,000 foot per color, that is two normal 2,500 foot reels that I would have to have someone get out from the trailer, get it into the building, get it loaded on the wire cart (which is cumbersome to get the reels onto) and stack them.

“So we looked at the labor savings of not having to handle as much wire.You handle this barrel only one time.There is no lost production.”

EDI promoted the interview with a tweet that said, “Check out our blog for new technologies helping ECs in the field.” Visitors to are able to subscribe to an e-mail that brings them news via email.

The last question in the interview asked Berkebile whether he’ll use the SIMpull barrels in the future.

Berkebile said, “There’s a breaking point where it’s not cost effective so you have to be aware of that. But any project of any kind of larger size, you do pull a lot of wire.

“At the Ardrey Kell High School project a few years back, the amount of branch circuit wire we pulled was insane. If we had a product like the barrels back then, the savings would have been huge.

“This is an easy product to add on the job that contributes greatly to the labor savings.”

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