How RepFiles Can Help You: A Case Study with Siemens

Q & A with David Quatela, Manager of Branding & Marketing, Siemens

How are you currently utilizing the RepFiles content distribution system?
“Siemens uses the RepFiles system to share our marketing content to internal sales folks at Siemens and our channel partners. This content includes catalogs, product information, brochures, videos, customer training and other sales tools, which are available through the Siemens Marketing Material Plugin on the RepFiles NAED Edition app.”

How did you first introduce RepFiles to your users?
“We first announced the availability of our Plugins to our internal sales force at our annual sales training event. We did this through unique Plugins named ‘Brand Your S On Your Chest’ and ‘Power University,’ which contained content for attendees. This forced attendees to begin utilizing the tool as they had to sync with the Plugins to participate in the training.”

What feedback are you receiving from users?
“The feedback is overwhelmingly positive. The RepFiles NAED Edition app gives users a means to declutter their life. Instead of sharing emails or asking them to go to various websites, all the content they need is conveniently put into a single tool that they can access whenever and wherever they want. They also like that they can pick and choose which files they want to download to their mobile device and which they want stored in the cloud.”

How often do you update the content in the Siemens Marketing Material Plugin?
“Weekly or bi-weekly. The more often I update the content and keep it fresh, the more often my users will keep coming back to it to see what’s new.”

What are the key benefits of utilizing the RepFiles system?
“By delivering content through the RepFiles NAED Edition app, Siemens is getting more eyes on our services and solutions in an innovative way. In the past, our sales team and channel partners had to lug around brochures, catalogs and other collateral. But now, we can put that information instantly in their fingertips. It also allows for an easier way to share digital media, including videos and podcasts. After we arranged and consolidated our collateral, RepFiles enabled us to efficiently deliver this content in a nice package to thousands of users.”

How are you continuing to promote the use of your Siemens Marketing Material Plugin?
“From April 13 – May 31, 2015, anyone that downloads the RepFiles NAED Edition app and accesses the Siemens Marketing Material Plugin will receive 500 Siemens Rewards Quick Points that can be redeemed for merchandise at”

RepFiles Application Direct Installation

NAED AppRepFiles NAED Edition App
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