How RepFiles Can Help You: A Case Study with Springfield Electric

Q & A with Pam Nation, Ecommerce Solutions Coordinator, Springfield Electric Supply Company

How are you currently utilizing the RepFiles content distribution system?
“Our employees are using the RepFiles NAED Edition app to access sales and marketing collateral that is being delivered to them by their suppliers, as well as to access content that our company delivers straight to their mobile devices. For the content that our company is delivering, it is divided it up by user type and therefore allows employees access to only the collateral that is relative to them. This way users are only getting access to the files they need.”

When a new manufacturer signs-up for RepFiles, how to do ensure your users get access?
“When I see a new Plugin is available, I contact the Plugin Manager and request that all Springfield Electric users get added to the Plugin. This way all RepFiles users from Springfield Electric do not have to request access to the Plugins individually. The system makes it easy for Plugin Managers to search by email domain and quickly authorize all registered users from a company at once. Plugin Managers can also auto-authorize domain names so that they don’t have to continue to check back for new registrants.”

How do you separate your own content among your RepFiles users?
“The RepFiles system enables me to generate Plugins that give different types of users access to different types of content. Our Plugins include SESCO Technology Team, which is a division of our sales team; SESCO Executive Access, which is used during NAED and IMARK events for financial information and meeting notes; SESCO Lighting & Design, which is used by retail show rooms; SESCO Quad Cities Access, which is for our northern sales teams; and SESCO Salesperson Access, which includes information we receive from suppliers.”

How do you manage all the content your company is delivering?
“We currently have two Plugin Content Managers responsible for managing files inside the RepDrive, which is the Windows desktop application used to access the Springfield Electric storage location. When employees have new collateral they want added to a RepFiles Plugin, they place the files in our marketing portal available on Sharepoint. We have alerts set on these libraries so that when new files are added, they can select the RepFiles Plugin where the files should be loaded. Our Plugin Content Managers receive the alerts and place the files inside the appropriate folder on the RepDrive, which allows them to be accessible through the Plugin.”

How did you first introduce RepFiles to your users?
“We launched a Plugin around our annual sales expo that contained information relative to the event. We did this by sending out an email with a link to download the RepFiles NAED Edition app and very easy-to-follow instructions on how to get started. An introductory PDF with screenshots that they could follow was also provided. Since there were so many users, it helped having a push from our higher-level executives who saw the system’s benefits and made it a requirement for our sales team. During the sales expo we held a ten-minute training session on how to use the app.”

What feedback are you receiving from your users?
“They love it. RepFiles allows them to have one place for everything instead of utilizing multiple apps, DropBox accounts, ftp sites, website portals, etc. Our sales team cannot be expected to go to 40 different apps while they are with customers. Now they can go to one — the RepFiles NAED Edition app — and access everything they need from there. Previously they were using FilesAnywhere or emailing files to themselves. With RepFiles they like that they are not signed-out and its easy to keep all the files synced.”

What benefits do you see over other file delivery services?
“I always have instant access to my storage location via the RepDrive to upload new files, which is a very quick and easy process. If you can use Windows, you can use RepFiles. Manufacturers who use it will save time not having to email the same files over and over again, as well as save money by reducing their printing costs. Update the file in the RepFiles system once, and all your users will instantly have access right on their mobile device.”

RepFiles Application Direct Installation

NAED AppRepFiles NAED Edition App
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