IAV wins 2013 Technology Integrator Awards

IAV is pleased to announce the winning of the 2013 Technology Integrator Awards for both the LightSpeaker System and the AudioRock System.

IAV LightSpeaker will add sound to your kitchen, living room, boardroom, garage or master bath in mere minutes. The LightSpeaker is the first patented product to combine efficient LED lighting and wireless sound in a single unit that screws in like a light bulb into a pot light fixture or lamp. The IAV LightSpeaker® relies on a standalone transmitter to deliver sound wirelessly, saving thousands of dollars by not having to run cables. A source (ie: iPod, Laptop, A/V receiver, TV) connects to the transmitter and it wirelessly sends sound to your IAV LightSpeakers. Up to 16 IAV LightSpeakers work in a system, providing stereo sound in multiple rooms and easily uninstalls if you move.

The Wireless Audiorock System is intended to install in any outdoor location easily without any expensive and complicated wiring. The system includes a Wireless transmitter with 2 Source Inputs and 2 Separate Zone Outputs. Additional AudioRocks or IAV LightSpeakers can be added to the transmitter/system as desired. This Stereo outdoor wireless rock speaker, with a 5″ Woofer is optimally tuned for outdoor performance. The sound is electronically equalized to provide superior acoustic performance in open-air environments. Neutral Granite styling allows this system to blend unobtrusively into all outdoor environments.

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