IDEA Announces First Manufacturers to Achieve High Level of Compliance In Data Certification Program

ARLINGTON, VA – The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) today announces the first manufacturers to achieve a high level of data compliance within its Data Certification Program.

Bridgeport Fittings, Inc., R-K Electronics, Inc., and Legrand – Wiremold Company have all reached 95 percent compliance or higher for the items they have in the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). Other manufacturers continue to make progress towards meeting the October 1 compliancy deadline for all of their items in the IDW.

“IDEA would like to acknowledge Bridgeport Fittings, R-K Electronics, and Legrand – Wiremold Company for their high achievement for compliancy,” said Paul Molitor, President and CEO, IDEA. “As the first to reach at least 95 percent compliance for their items in the IDW since the launch of the Data Certification Program, these three manufacturers have truly set the bar for providing complete data to their trading partners.” 

IDEA’s Data Certification Program is designed to measure the item-level completeness and quality of data available within the IDW. The program focuses on 43 critical data fields in the IDW that contain the transactional and descriptive product information distributors need to conduct business and sell manufacturers’ products (e.g. brand, packaging, price effective date, etc.). An item is compliant if its critical fields are fully-populated. The content within the compliant items’ critical fields will then go through quarterly quality checks to ensure consistency and accuracy.

”Data certification will be an ongoing process for all manufacturers, and IDEA is prepared to work with them to achieve success,” said Mike Wentz, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, IDEA. “Many manufacturers have already been successfully loading compliant new items into the IDW and have committed to achieving 100 percent compliance for all of their items by October 1.”

IDEA will continue to provide updates to the industry as additional manufacturers achieve high levels of compliance. If manufacturers need assistance to complete their data, IDEA has partnered with third-party DATAgility to facilitate data management for the 43 critical fields.

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