IDEA Announces New Tech Affiliate

ARLINGTON, Va. — IDEA and Faxinating Solutions Inc., an EDI Translations & Services company, announced their partnership, being the newest addition to IDEA’s Tech Affiliate Program. Faxinating Solutions’ supply chain and customer automation services and products will be offered by IDEA throughout North America. The services and tools provided by FSI will help to increase the number of NON-EDI trading partners all over the country to become EDI capable. “Everyone wins,” explains IDEA’s Exchange Director of Digital Integration Services, Tom Guzik. “Large firms can now trade electronically with 100% of their community, eliminating paper and dramatically increasing the efficiency of their supply chain. Their trading partners, in turn, can join the fold without having to change their existing processes.”

“Now anyone with a fax machine, a PC, a modem, Internet access—or, if need be, just a postage stamp—can use the FSI services to transact electronically on a pay as you go basis,” says Faxinating Solutions’ President and CEO, Steve Hatajlo. Working with IDEA, we can translate business documents and pass them on in the appropriate format to their trading partner.”

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