IDEA Announces Strategic Alliance with Faxinating Solutions

IDEA Announces Strategic Alliance with Faxinating Solutions

ARLINGTON, Vir. – The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) today announces its strategic alliance with Faxinating Solutions Inc., an electronic data interchange (EDI) integration and conversion solutions company.

This renewed cooperative agreement provides expansion opportunities for Industry Data Exchange (IDX) customers’ trading capabilities. Smaller, non-EDI-capable trading partners will be able to conduct business directly with large suppliers and retailers as the needs for manual entry of documentation through company portals or additional technology acquisition are eliminated. EDI-enabled companies will benefit from quicker, more efficient business transactions with their trading partners.

“Faxinating Solutions’ automated EDI-enablement services dovetail nicely with the IDX solution, giving channel members and our customers the ability to expand their sales opportunities,” said Paul Molitor, President & CEO, IDEA. “IDEA has worked with Faxinating Solutions in various capacities over the years, and now, through our cooperation, we have an opportunity to fill a technology gap that many businesses in the channel experience.”

IDEA’s IDX electronically routes a company’s business information to its trading partners, ensuring a seamless delivery between each business system. Faxinating Solutions’ exAct™ software automates the conversion of this information (e.g., files, faxes, emails, etc.) to the receiving company’s desired electronic format, populating their business system with the translated information in the native format of the application program interface (API). The connection of these two data services provides IDX customers with end-to-end EDI delivery and automation.   

IDEA has maintained a business relationship with Faxinating Solutions since 2007, when the two companies first connected to bring high-quality EDI solutions to the electrical channel.

“We are thrilled to be renewing our alliance with IDEA. Faxinating Solutions has expanded its offerings and services, making it easier than ever before for businesses to increase their sales without the cost of technology acquisition,” said Steve Hatajlo, CEO, Faxinating Solutions. “We believe that members of the electrical channel will greatly benefit from the combination of our services with IDEA’s.”


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