IDEA Seeks Subject Matter Experts For Harmonized Data Model

IDEA Seeks Subject Matter Experts For Harmonized Data Model

IDEA Connector’s Harmonized Data Model (HDM) initiative focuses on defining a unified product data model in the IDEA Connector. It enables manufacturers to easily syndicate to multiple formats and empowers distributors’ e-commerce experiences with more consistent, normalized product data. NAED fully supports this initiative given the importance of product data to its members.

As the product categories go through the harmonization process, IDEA is looking for product subject matter experts (SME) to review and give input on recommendations made to IDEA Category Attribute Schema (CAS) insuring that HDM development team has identified all the critical attributes, assigned proper mapping of attributes between multiple standards, and provided appropriate attribute value lists for data normalization.

IDEA is looking for people in the following job categories to become Subject Matter Experts:

  • Product or Category Managers
  • Technical Sales
  • E-Commerce Managers
  • Data Stewarts
  • Product Data Analysts

Over the next 6 months, IDEA has identified a specific set of product categories (UNSPSC Codes) on their roadmap that they will be harmonizing. First up are Circuit Breakers, Switches, and Fuses. If your product expertise fits with those categories, IDEA can use your assistance now!

If not, IDEA can call upon you further down the road when categories such as Circuit Protection, Electrical Boxes, Cable Tray and Conduit, Lighting, Connectors, Plugs, Controls, and Wire and Cable are harmonized. The intent is to harmonize the most important product categories first and then address additional categories over the following year.

Each Subject Matter Expert will be provided a product category workbook to review independently with scheduled conference calls with the committee to discuss the overall process and summary findings.

If you would like to participate or recommend someone from your organization, please forward this email or reach out to Angela Baraks at

If you are interested in learning more and would like to be a part of the SME working committees, click here.

IDEA has had success with distributors and manufacturers providing valuable feedback as they built out features and functionality for the IDEA Connector platform. The HDM model is another enhancement in their commitment to provide high quality data to the industry. Thank you.

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