IDEA Supports Affiliated Distributors’ E-Commerce Initiative

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) today announces its support of Affiliated Distributors’ (AD) new e-commerce initiative, the AD eContent Service program.

AD’s program will work to collect the product data needed by their independent distributor members across each of its divisions to better compete in an e-commerce environment. The product data for the AD Electrical Division will be powered by IDEA’s Industry Data Warehouse (IDW).

“IDEA is excited to support AD’s eContent Service program within the electrical channel,” said Mike Wentz, Executive Vice President, IDEA. “We recognize that independent distributors may be challenged to keep pace in today’s growing online environment without robust digital content and are confident the IDW can equip them with the data platform they require.”

As a result of wide manufacturer participation in IDEA’s Data Certification Program, the IDW now houses more than 1.4 million complete and fully attributed electrical items, supplied and maintained by manufacturers. Through IDEA’s support of AD’s e-commerce initiative, authorized AD members can gain access to the essential product and transactional information in the IDW needed to create product catalogs, populate web stores, and remain competitive online.

AD and IDEA had previously worked together in a joint effort to collect enriched catalog content for the electrical industry. IDEA’s support of this new AD initiative is an expansion of the organizations’ earlier collaborative e-commerce work.

“Many AD electrical distributors are already IDW subscribers. This new e-commerce program will not only enable those distributors to leverage the size and reach of AD; it will also enhance the value they receive from the IDW,” said Wentz.

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