IMARK Becomes Member-Owner of EDT GmbH

Effective November 1, 2019, IMARK Group announced that it has become a member-owner of EDT GmbH, Essen, Germany.

EDT, founded in 1992, is a member-owned, member-governed group of independent Plumbing and HVACR wholesalers across 13 European countries with 250 companies and 1700 locations. These companies are now joined by the more than 750 IMARK Group member companies that are serving the needs of Plumbing and HVACR professionals in the United States.

Achim Zimmer, Managing Director of EDT stated, “Our objective is to be the strongest international integrated network of wholesalers working with international suppliers strategic to mutual growth objectives and market penetration. The addition of the IMARK Group helps us to achieve our international objectives for Plumbing & HVACR wholesalers and suppliers on a collaboration level unsurpassed by any group or chain.”

John Aykroyd, President IMARK Plumbing, echoed Zimmer’s sentiment and added, “You never know what opportunities are before you until you explore beyond your own borders. We are confronted with very powerful competition and deal with ‘multi-system’ global players from the Plumbing and HVACR industry. Product evolution gains speed on a comparable high level with the experience EDT brings to the table and what the breadth of our membership can offer will help the Plumbing and HVACR members of IMARK Group enhance their value proposition.”

Brent Anderson, President of Mountainland Supply, Orem, Utah, states, “As a member of both the IMARK Plumbing and BLUE HAWK HVACR verticals, this only enhances our value proposition to all members and especially our customers.”

In 2012, IMARK Electrical became a member-owner of IMELCO, an international electrical group, to expand its international footprint. Wes Smith, President, Mayer, Birmingham, Alabama added, “We are pleased the Plumbing and HVACR members IMARK Group will join the international arena. There is so much to learn from each other and the networking opportunities are endless. The world is getting smaller as they say and as a group, this initiative enables the individual wholesaler to stay on your game.”

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