In This Month’s Issue: Contractor Tells Distributors What He Wants From Their Websites

It’s a pretty simple question. But it’s the answers that really matter when tED magazine went to Carl Redman, President of Bear Electric in Donald, Oregon. We asked Redman, “What can distributors do to better help electrical contractors purchase materials online?”

Redman had four areas where he would like to see improvement, including a comparison to the main competition to electrical distribution, Amazon Business. “Amazon will show users the products they purchased and also guide them toward similar products,” Redman told tED magazine. “Amazon puts in an effort to personalize the shopping experience for the user and make it easier to buy more products. Electrical distributors should try to provide a similar experience.”

Redman says he is currently preparing reports for his electrical distributors that detail every purchase Bear Electric has made that year. He says the lists are usually not very long, but he would prefer to have this distributor’s website do that work for him.

Redman also had three other recommendations for electrical distributors’ websites. He gave a detailed description of what he would like, to tED magazine. You can read his other three suggestions on page 50 of the May issue of tED magazine.


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