In This Month’s Issue: How Electrical Distribution Can Appeal to Millennials

One of the main comments our readers tell tED magazine is the need to do more stories on recruiting and retaining millennial employees.  And those comments are correct.  There is a huge need for that content, because there is a huge need to have millennials shape the direction of this supply chain for the future.

But what is probably most frustrating is when millennials leave electrical distribution to take a job that is basically a lateral move out of the supply chain.  Why do they do that when we have so much to offer?

In the May issue of tED magazine, we explore some of the needs millennials are looking for to stay focused on their current position, instead of looking to move elsewhere.

One of the needs mentioned by a former tED magazine “30 Under 35” award winner is having a performance-based culture at work. Stephanie Ellis of Robroy Industries in Gilmer, Texas says that alone turned her job into a career. “It is my career,” Ellis says. “One in which leaders within my organization want to see me be successful at. Being surrounded by others who want to see you succeed speaks volumes.”

The story on page 64 of the May issue of tED magazine points out three other strategies companies in this supply chain can use to keep their millennial employees engaged in the process and grow with the company.  It also has some advice from a business consultant about how to retain millennial employees.

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