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Incandescent lamp sales boomed before ban date, NEMA reports

As Jan. 1 approached, the deadline on which the sale of 100W incandescent lamps was to be against U.S. law, citizens went to retail outlets to load up on the soon-to-be “banned” bulbs, according to data from NEMA.

NEMA’s quarterly report on sales of incandescent and CFL bulbs for Q4/11 showed an increase for incandescents of 29.4% above Q3/11 and 41% above Q4/10.

For 2011, incandescent bulb sales were 16.4% higher than in 2010. NEMA said that 62% of that increase came in Q4.

CFLs, however, showed a decline in sales in 2011, down 6.6%. In Q4, CFL sales were down 6.6% compared to Q4/10 but up 3.6% compared to Q3/11.

In Q4, according to NEMA, the market share of incandescent sales compared to those of CFLs was 82.8%.

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