Iowa’s Van Meter is ‘poster child’ for energy

Many Affiliated Distributors (AD) companies are sophisticated independent electrical distributors. In the estimation of at least some, that would describe Van Meter, Inc.

When asked which companies had jumped enthusiastically onto the clean energy bandwagon and obtained significant benefits from the program, Christian Siebens, the AD clean energy director, quickly named Van Meter as one of its “poster children.”

What happened in Iowa? Tedmag.com asked Barry Boyer, who will retire in June as president of the employee-owned company.

“Christian spent time with our people on how we would approach energy,” explained Boyer. “Right now, we have five people working in our energy solutions area. These people do nothing other than energy work.”

Business as Van Meter does it, Boyer said, is both “trust-oriented and value-oriented. The reason the company is excited about the energy opportunity,” he noted, “is that we want to be in the value-oriented space.”

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