Irby Testing Lab Earns NAIL Certification

Irby Testing Lab Earns NAIL Certification

JACKSON, Miss. — Irby, a subsidiary of Sonepar USA, has earned accreditation from the Association of North American Independent Laboratories (NAIL) for its West Boylston, Mass. testing laboratory. The accreditation process requires that the lab be evaluated by an independent third party inspector to ensure that all testing procedures meet or exceed ASTM standards for protective equipment testing. The inspection was conducted in November and as of February 13, West Boylston has received its official accreditation certificate.

Irby’s commitment to safety and testing excellence drives it to have all test labs certified, and underlines the importance both Irby and its customers place on the use of proper testing methods.

Irby operates 3 NAIL Certified Labs including West Boylston, Mass.; Ft. Worth, Texas, and Fargo, N.D. Irby also has a testing lab located in Lake Park, Ga. that will become NAIL certified later this year. In addition to those 4, Irby plans to open a 5th testing lab in Denver, Colo. in 2017. Irby is an industry leader in terms of the number of NAIL certified labs and in testing volume.

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