Jan Adams Named CEO of Ideal Electric Supply

Janice “Jan” Adams is the new President and CEO of Ideal Electrical Supply Corporation. The transfer of ownership from Cora Williams to Jan Adams was effective November 16, 2021.

Jan Adams, President and CEO, Ideal Electrical Corporation

Adams intends to maintain Ideal’s current customer base and grow new customer relationships. Ideal will nurture its customers with the same care and attention as it has over the last 30 years. Adams served 24 years of outstanding service to our Country in the United States Air Force before retiring as a Chief Master Sergeant. Adams founded an aviation consulting business, JMA Solutions, in 2005 and grew the family-oriented company by hiring outstanding employees who supported the Federal Aviation Administration and other Government clients. JMA Solutions provides Program and Project Management, Air Traffic Management, Engineering Services, Training, and Software Development expertise and other disciplines.

Adams is highly active in the Washington, D.C. community and serves on numerous boards.

Cora Williams

Cora Williams has been involved with Ideal Electric Supply and NAED since 1985, and took over as President and CEO of Ideal in 1991. Williams was heavily involved in NAED’s Women In Industry Forum and encouraged companies to expand their effort to hire women and minorities in distribution.

“I didn’t really know how few females there were in this industry until I got involved with NAED a few years after getting into distribution,” Williams told tED magazine in a 2014 story. “There was really just a sprinkling of us at the time and most were part of family-owned businesses. I remember the days when you could count on one hand the number of women who showed up at such events. Don’t be afraid or too proud to reach out and ask for advice from those of us who have pioneered in the industry,” says Williams. “As a business owner you make a lot of mistakes through trial-and-error that can be avoided if you know who to go to for help.”

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