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J&M Electrical Supply chases energy efficiency business and catches it

J&M Electrical Supply of Cambridge, Ohio has doubled the
    business it does annually in energy efficiency sales over the past two years,
    necessitating a 14% increase in the 32-year-old company’s staff.

Recently, the company hired an energy efficiency specialist,
    boosting its staff to eight people.

“It’s strange for us,” said Brad Jarvis, owner. “The man we
    hired can’t tell you what 12-2 is, but we don’t need him to know that. We created
    the position to work with all of the companies that can take advantage of the <a href="http://www.gridsmartohio.com/” target=”_blank”>GridSmart program here.”

With traditional market niches stagnant, J&M gained its
    sales edge by approaching small manufacturers and OEMs in its service area.  The
    GridSmart rebate, from local utility American Electric Power, figures
    prominently in the discussions and computations.

With the rebate numbers on a sheet of paper, said Bill Jarvis,
    Brad’s son and company sales manager, these companies are biting now on the energy
    efficiency project proposals, where perhaps they were previously reluctant.

“These smaller manufacturers are looking for an edge,” Bill
    explained. “With the GridSmart incentives, it’s easier to show them a great
    ROI. We’re able to walk in and say to them, ‘here’s an opportunity for you to
    get an incentive from the power company.’”

Another big advantage that J&M may have here is that, at
    least up until recently, many energy efficiency marketers bypassed smaller
    energy users. But the GridSmart program is structured to incentivize smaller

Bill Jarvis said, the recent realization of the
    opportunities still out there in even smaller companies—the “mom and pop” retailers,
    he called them—led the company to hire the new energy specialist.

“If anything, GridSmart is even more generous to the ‘mom-and-pop’
    companies,” Bill said. “We’re not talking big energy users here. Some have
    electric bills on the order of $300/month. But the way the program is
    structured, it’s possible for these companies to get an energy retrofit, save
    money and have as much as 90% of the cost (including installation) picked up by

If anything the process of developing proposals for
    customers has become easier in recent months, Bill Jarvis said. For one thing,
    he has an iPad that he uses during a walk-through of a customer’s facility. For
    another, J&M has taken advantage of NAED’s <a href="http://www.naed.org/energyauditsolution/” target=”_blank”>Energy Audit Solution software.
    According to NAED.org, “The goal of the solution is to increase distributor
    sales and productivity by reducing the time and effort necessary to develop a
    comprehensive sales proposal.”

These advances came in place of Bill making hand-written
    notes during a walk-through and entering the information later in an Excel

With a chance that business could soon get better on the
    non-efficiency front, Bill Jarvis said, he’ll return (at least in part) to his
    original responsibilities as an outside electrical salesman. With the new
    specialist in place, he added, the company will still be helping OEMs, small
    manufacturers, mom-and-pop stores and even municipalities save energy.

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