Judiciary Committee Set To Discuss Marketplace Fairness Act

Just when we thought the Marketplace Fairness Act would not be heard in 2014, along comes news that the House Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing to discuss the act one more time.

The International Council of Shopping Centers has released a statement that the Judiciary Committee has scheduled the hearing for March 4.  The time has not been announced.  The Council does not expect any new legislation related to the Act to be introduced before the hearing.

NAED is a huge supporter of the Marketplace Fairness Act, which will allow states to collect sales tax on items sold online.  Many NAED members have told tED magazine that they have watched customers come into their distributorship, ask about products, get the information they need, and then buy the products somewhere else online to avoid paying the sales tax. The Marketplace Fairness Act will level that playing field.

The Marketplace Fairness Act bill was introduced in February 2013 and passed the Senate.  Due to political issues involving the government shut down, Affordable Care Act and debt ceiling, the bill expired before the House took a vote on it. 

NAED Vice President of Government Affairs Ed Orlet announced that he will be looking for testimonials from NAED members to submit to the Judiciary Committee at the March 4 meeting. 

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