July #tEDchat Focuses On Your Future Employees

July #tEDchat Focuses On Your Future Employees

By Scott Costa, Publisher, tED magazine

Like a lot of you, I wrapped up my July 4th holiday weekend by settling in and watching the U.S. Women’s National Team play for the World Cup championship. With a great mixture of young and “mature” players, the women battled the best in the world over seven games, giving up just three goals and bringing home their first championship in 16 years.

The game against Japan was barely over, the women were still celebrating on the field and the interviews were still happening when the question was already being asked: How are they going to replace those “mature” players in the future. Sadly, it’s the same question you are dealing with yourselves. Yes, you are taking on the world to establish how you will operate for the next generation. And, yes, you will need young, talented people who are ready to fill those necessary roles.

tED magazine has written dozens of stories on hiring and retaining Millennials each month, not to mention dozens more online at And we are still seeing the same problems. It is very difficult to find the right people to fill the positions that you need.

This Wednesday, July 8th, we are bringing in our NAED expert, recruiting and retention specialist Allison Olden, to join us on our #tEDchat. Olden recently brought a number of college students to the NAED Women In Industry Forum in Denver to introduce them to the industry.  She will be able to answer your questions or help you in a wide variety of subjects when it comes to your future employees.

Our focus for this #tEDchat is for you to forget about what you’ve heard in the past. What really works? What are distributors and manufacturers doing well, and what needs improvement? How can you make sure you have someone ready to replace an employee who just left? How can you make sure you are promoting the right person for your management positions? We are going to help you avoid being trapped in a situation of starting from scratch in your search for your next employee.

Here are the details:

The #tEDchat starts at 1pm central time on Wednesday, July 8th. You can join us at  Do not hesitate to tell others in your office about this event. You can ask any question you want, or offer up any solution to someone else’s questions. Just make sure all of your tweets have the #tedchat so we can all see them.


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