KE Electric Shuts Down Two Stores for One Week

During the week February 8-13, company employees and customers will enjoy a 50th/25th Anniversary Celebration Voyage aboard the Carnival Ship “Victory” following a year of goal-setting and achievements.

In a bold measure of celebration, K/E Electric Supply will “Shut the Front Door” on half its locations for almost a week, between February 8th and 13th. During that week, company employees and customers will enjoy a 50th/25th Anniversary Celebration Voyage aboard the Carnival Ship “Victory”.

Founded in 1962, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary of service to Southeast Michigan at The Fillmore Detroit, with 500 guests in a semi-formal event held January 12, 2013. Simultaneously, the company also celebrated its 25th anniversary as K/E Electric Supply. During the event, company President Rock Kuchenmeister summarized the past and present status of the company. He then completed his remarks by revealing his vision for the future of Team K/E in a video production. The video announced aggressive plans to take customers and employees on a celebration voyage in February 2014.

Following the Fillmore event, owners of K/E Electric spent the next six weeks meeting directly with the owners of customer accounts to formulate personalized growth plans for 2013. Each customer plan, when met, would earn them passage on the February 2014 celebration voyage. Simultaneously, department heads of the company met with each employee to offer them a combination of individual, departmental and corporate goals, also earning the employee passage on the voyage, when achieved.

After recording an exceptional year for 2013, the company now prepares for a February 8th departure with well over 300 guests. Though 100% of K/E Electric’s staff earned passage, some employees opted to remain home for personal reasons. With so many employees participating in the celebration voyage, the company will be unable to sufficiently staff all four branch locations. Management has opted to close its two smaller stores for the duration of the trip. The remaining employees will provide limited service to customers at the Mount Clemens and Livonia locations, during the shutdown.

K/E Electric has a long history of providing company-wide weekend trips to employees as a benefit for excelling in customer service. Such events have become a staple in the Team K/E culture for years. However, never before has the company been required to close its doors for more than one business day to reward employees.

The company is asking customers for a bit of indulgence, in pardoning their absence during the celebration week; as management tries to strike a balance with employees between hard work and the rewards thereof.

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