Klein Tools Rises to the Top in Tools of the Trade 2014 Survey

Lincolnshire, ILKlein Tools, for professionals since 1857, has been named as a preferred brand in a Tools of the Trade 2014 survey of 731 tradesmen. Out of six common tools, Klein was the preferred brand for two – screwdrivers and lineman’s pliers. 
The survey included remodelers, handymen, construction workers, electricians and carpenters of which almost half worked on residential and the other half work on both residential and commercial/industrial work. The survey focused on six tools including two types of measuring tapes, screwdrivers, wrenches, lineman’s pliers and pump pliers. 
For screwdrivers, Klein took first place with 32% of the vote while competing against 22 manufacturers. When the survey was divided up by trade, 3 out of 4 electricians preferred Klein screwdrivers. 
Some of the comments regarding the Klein screwdriver included:
“They fit the screw head perfectly”
“Tips hold up better than most”
“Over all the best for your money. Pay more now for something that will last longer.”

For lineman’s pliers, Klein took over half the vote coming in at 51% — over 2.5X more than the runner up — while competing against 19 manufacturers. When the survey reflected only electricians’ opinions, almost 76% chose Klein.
Some of the comments included in the survey regarding Klein’s lineman pliers:
“An industry standard”
“Best made and made to last” 
“These were my first pair and I still have them 30 years later”

“Klein Tools has been using the highest quality materials and superior workmanship for over 150 years,” states Greg Palese, vice-president of marketing at Klein Tools. “This award acknowledges our hard work and dedication to making the best professional tools for tradespeople.”


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