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Lessons learned at Lightfair: It’s more than LEDs

By Misty Byers, Editor, tED magazine

Okay, LEDs are a big part of Lightfair…really big. And that’s because there is little doubt that LEDs are the future. Manufacturers are focusing R&D on solid state lighting technologies, for sure, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to see at Lightfair—if you look hard enough.

Here are a few interesting things I found during my second (and final) day on the show floor:

1. Manufacturers are meeting the demand for energy efficient lighting solutions with non-LED technology.

The EverLast Patented Optiflec Septum captures wasted uplight that gets trapped behind the bulb while increasing the light direction toward the work plane. 

Adding the septum to the EverLast induction high bay increases lighting measurements by up to 25%.

Likewise, recognizing the need for further control for outdoor lighting systems, OSRAM Sylvania designed the Quicktronic Icetron 100W dimming ballast to provide increased flexibility and control for its Sylvania Icetron fluorescent induction system, an incredibly efficient lighting solution with an extra long rated lamp life of up to 100,000 hours.

2. If saving energy is at the top of the list for end-users and regulatory agencies alike, recycling is a close second—and can be a value-add for the distribution channel.

Lamp recycling is mandatory in many states—help customers meet the mandate with Waste Management’s LampTracker.

Offering environmentally friendly, safe, and simple recycling solutions for fluorescent lamps, dry cell batteries, lighting ballasts, mercury devices, computers, electronics, bottles, cans, and paper, the prepaid program includes recycling containers, shipping both ways via UPS or FedEx ground, recycling of the wastes, and complete online documentation of every container ordered and recycled.

Likewise, Veolia’s RecyclePak is completely prepaid and comes with everything distributors need to sell recycling and everything their customers need to properly recycle fluorescent lamps, ballast, batteries, mercury waste and computer electronics.

3. Okay, try as you might, it’s impossible to escape LEDs at Lightfair, so, as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them: Here are two I found especially interesting:

The new Philips Aiflux family of white LED PAR and BR lamps feature Airflux technology, a new airflow cooling system that eliminates the traditional distracting heat sink fins needed for thermal management of LED lamps, so they seamlessly integrate into fixtures and ceilings.

In new construction projects, after a typical $50 rebate, Maxlite’s ECO-T LED Recessed Troffer cost less than a typical fluorescent fixture and delivers an instant ROI.

When dimming is also utilized, the energy savings enables an even shortened payback period.

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